Things book lovers like

Gifts for all the book lovers in your life!


One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is finding the perfect gift for the ones I love.  Seriously, I love finding that perfect gift more than receiving anything personally.  But if I got one of the things listed below?  You better believe that’d make the race much closer!



1.) A membership to a book subscription service


You already know how much we love Book of the Month and we (read: @agirlandher_books) recently told you about PageHabit, so surprise your favorite reader with the gift that keeps on giving.  Psst...BOTM will even let you have a little gift yourself!

2.)  A bookmark that’ll mark it easier to stay up too late reading


This book mark actually has a light built into it, so you can hide under the covers and finish “just one more chapter.”  Side note: we know you’re not going to stop after that one chapter.  It’s impossible.  If you’ve somehow figured out how to stop, you may have super powers.  Get this book mark for under $10 from Amazon!

3.)    A bathtub caddy to hold their book/tablet, treats….


Love to read while soaking in the bathtub, but terrified of destroying your current obsession?  A bamboo caddy is exactly what you should gift.  But why just stick to buying other people presents…treat yo’ self!  We found this one on Amazon for less than $50!

4.)   Adorable socks that say exactly what they’re thinking


These will be perfect when they’re trying to find the words to say (for the millionth time) why they’re staying at home on a Friday night with their latest book boyfriend.  Find these for less than $10 on Etsy.

5.) Candles


There are few things more relaxing than lighting a candle, pouring a glass of wine, and indulging in your latest selection from your TBR.  We’re personally obsessed with the three-wick candles from Bath and Body Works!

6.)  Swoon-worthy coffee mugs


I’ve come to realize that coffee/tea tastes better if it’s in a fabulous mug.  Don’t lie, you know you feel the exact same!  How gorgeous is the coffee mug?! You can score it from KMVinylMugs on Etsy!

7.)  Your favorite book!





I decided this year, everyone on my list is getting one of my favorites (or something from my TBR list that I can hopefully borrow down the road…don’t judge me).  It’s the perfect way to share your love of reading with the ones you love the most, and it’s a great way to stay in touch with family/friends that live further away because you HAVE to discuss the book with them once they finish!  Win-win!



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