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The Perfect Stranger Review


Happy Thursday, y’all!  Today’s review of The Perfect Stranger is short, sweet and to the point.  If you’re sipping along at home, this week I’m matching the front cover with this beautiful Purple People Eater (side note: who else is ready for Halloween?!)

Libel. Culpable. Lawsuit. Arrest.

After an assignment goes too far and the threat of a lawsuit forces her to resign from her position as a journalist, Leah Stevens accepts a teaching position and moves to middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania with her former roommate Emmy Grey.  When a woman that looks remarkably similar to Leah is assaulted near the lake and Emmy  goes missing a few days later, Leah is on edge.  She reaches out to local law enforcement to attempt to find her friend and begins to realize how little she knew about Emmy and how little of an footprint Emmy had in the surrounding community.  Will Leah be forced to revisit her past to help find her friend?  Where did Emmy go, or more importantly, did she ever exist at all Dum dum dummmm.


Megan Miranda took a familiar story (the main character moves to an idyllic small town to lick their wounds and worries that they will be forced to revisit their dark history) and gave it a thrilling twist.  It was captivating, suspenseful, and quick to draw you in and hold you hostage your attention.  Seriously, I read this in roughly a day and a half and just didn’t want to put it down!




Then I reached the end.  It was obvious that there would be two options for the ending: **** hits the fan and everything blows up, or Miranda would take the easier route.  Unfortunately, it was the latter of the two, leaving me feeling as though I’d driven 8 hours to go to Disney World just to find out that my favorite ride was closed.  I was disappointed that there was no real climax to the story.  It just kind of…ended.  Maybe that’s a testament to Megan Miranda’s writing style that anything less than perfect is a detriment, but I just felt unsatisfied.

Overall, I’m giving this one 3 stars.  While I did enjoy the book and will definitely continue to read Megan Miranda’s work in the future, the ending was just subpar for me.




A few things that I would have enjoyed (besides changing the entire ending):

1.) More Leah and Kyle action.  I felt that their relationship was very superficially defined, so when they actually became a couple in the end (he’s meeting her mother *gasp*), I felt as though it came out of nowhere.  When did they actually get to know each other?  Was their relationship just based on solely physical attraction and mutual intrigue?

2.)  What happened to Mitch?  Clearly the guy was into Leah, and I felt like he just dropped out of the story.  How did he react to Leah not being interested in him anymore?

3.) Insight from Davis Cobb. Cobb is clearly the hometown hero and liked by all, and I would love to hear more from him about being arrested under the suspicions of assaulting Leah 2.0 Bethany.

4.) What happened to Theo?  Did he figure out that Izzy snitched? To be honest, that kid is destined to be a serial killer.


I’d love to know your thoughts if you read this book!  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!










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