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A Letter to Me: Bookworm Edition

Today, I did something that I so often do... I sat down, powered up my laptop, and hit shuffle on my iTunes library.  What made it feel different was when Brad Paisley's "Letter to Me" started playing.  Does anyone else wish they could go back in time and give their younger self advice? So today,… Continue reading A Letter to Me: Bookworm Edition

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The Man on the Roof by Michael Stephenson – Book Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Someone has been creeping in the dark while the others sleep, and they've done terrible, terrible things. “There was a man on your roof,” claims curmudgeonly lane-hermit Herbert McKinney. Then, he initiates an unprovoked fight with a local punk. Drama escalates when that punk's dead body is found hanging at mid-street one August… Continue reading The Man on the Roof by Michael Stephenson – Book Review

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All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin – Book Review

Emily Giffin's newest novel is unlike anything she’s ever written. Eerily relevant in today’s society, Giffin explores what it means to stand for what you believe in and protect your loved ones..but at what cost?

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Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris – Book Review

Goodreads Synopsis: Finn and Layla are young, in love, and on vacation. They’re driving along the highway when Finn decides to stop at a service station to use the restroom. He hops out of the car, locks the doors behind him, and goes inside. When he returns Layla is gone—never to be seen again. That… Continue reading Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris – Book Review

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Little Big Love by Katy Regan – Book Review

Happy Pub Day Katy Regan! In her US debut Little Big Love, Regan introduces the Hutchinson family and their worst fear, as the youngest member goes on a mission to find his father.