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6 books to read while you’re waiting for “Without Merit”

 We’re over here *fan-girling* over the new release of Colleen Hoover’s Without Merit!  Seriously…some of us went before work to pick up a copy because we couldn’t wait until the afternoon (*cough, cough Kaylie*).

Still on the waiting list at your library or complaining that yours was lost in the mail?  No worries!  In the meantime, you can check out this excerpt from Goodreads or try one of her other masterpieces!  Which is your favorite?




This isn’t the first time we’ve told you to read It Ends with Us, and it most certainly won’t be our last.  It’s a story that needed to be told, and Colleen was the woman that had to do it.




When Miles and Tate start their relationship affair (TBH I’m not really sure what to call it) they had two rules. Never ask about the past.  Don’t expect a future.  What happens when one of them decides they want more? I literally finished Ugly Love in less than 24 hours and wished it would never end.




Can Sydney move on from her cheating ex-boy friend?  And who is that hottie with a guitar next door?!  Maybe Someday will rip your heart out and put it back together…in the best way possible!



“I’m scared I’ll never feel this again with anyone else,” I whisper.   He squeezes my hands. “I’m scared you will.”

The 2015 Goodreads Choice Winner in Romance, Confess is a beautiful and heartbreaking story about risking everything for love.  All. The. Feels.



After a chance encounter, Ben and Fallon meet every year, but just on November 9 Will their love be real, or is it the ultimate plot twist in Ben’s novel?  P.S. Ugly Love fans…there’s a special cameo in this book just for you!





Sky knows Dean is nothing but trouble, but can she resist his unwavering persistence?  Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more Hopeless than believing the lies.  This was the first self-published novel to EVER make #1 on the NYT Best Seller list…you do the math.


4 thoughts on “6 books to read while you’re waiting for “Without Merit”

  1. A friend orders her Colleen Hoover’s via the internet so that she gets a copy as soon as they are released. I feel her excitement when her copy makes it to her hot little hands. It’s a great feeling when a book you’ve been waiting for finally arrives.

  2. Still have never read CH and worry you two will no longer be friends with me because I haven’t read her 😬

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