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6 books you must read this Memorial Day Weekend

Who else is looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend?! *insert praise hand emoji* TBH, we’ve been counting down since…well, Easter weekend.  Is it bad that we’re living for the next day that we can binge read in peace?  If that’s wrong, we certainly don’t want to be right.  So what do we have packed for this long weekend?  Read on to miraculously grow your TBR…trust us, there’s something for everyone!

307535681.)  Slightly South of Simple by Kristy Woodson Harvey

We (Taylor & Kaylie) are born and bred Southern ladies, so we are completely drawn toward books that take place in this area.  Kristy Woodson Harvey’s book seems like the perfect beach read, taking place in an adorable southern town known as Peachtree Bluff with an emphasis on familial controversies and female friendships.  While you’re laying on the beach, get your hands on a copy of Slightly South of Simple.

349648782.)   Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll remember Kaylie read/reviewed this one in March.  It’s a quick yet thrilling read that you’ll easily devour in one sitting as you sip something fruity by the pool (daquiris or smoothies, you do you!).

362496383.)  How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

Last night, Taylor went on a 10 minute spiel about how fantastic this book is and how everyone must read it (her review gives a pretty good summary of her fangirl ways!).  If you’re needing to laugh, cry, and hope for a happily ever after, this is the perfect beach read for you, although be warned: tears and sunscreen don’t always mix…trust us, we’ve learned that the hard way!

4just mercy.) Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson

3 words. Michael. B. Jordan.(Well, two words and a letter, but you get my drift).  Yes, there is a movie adaptation in the making, and MBJ is slated to be the star.  The story is an autobiographical take on the flawed justice system through the eyes of an idealistic, gifted young lawyer in the convoluted world of criminal law.  It looks dramatic and emotional as the accuse faces the death penalty for a crime that he claims to have not committed.  Not exactly a lighthearted *typical* beach read, but ohhh does it look fan. freaking. TASTIC!

281872305.) The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

This was the Ruth Ware novel that had Kaylie hooked on her as an author.  It’s relatively short, packed with thrilling suspense, and takes place on a luxury cruise.  Perfect for own weekend on the water (or pretending like you’re a boat.  Plus, it’ll get you even more excited for her upcoming release, The Death of Mrs. Westaway! (BRB, still dying at how fantastic it is!  Don’t worry, full review coming soon!)

331557766.) How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry

When we think of the perfect beach read, we think of something engaging, heart warming, and just a true feel-good story.  That’s exactly what HtFLiaB promises to be, full of romance and entertaining, delightful characters.  Besides, who can resist a book that is set in our favorite place of all, a bookshop?!

What are you packing for the long weekend? Let us know so our TBR can continue to grow!


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  1. Yay! Thank you so much for including Slightly South of Simple ❤❤ Happy Memorial Day weekend–and enjoy all that sweet reading time! ☀️

    1. So excited to dig into your story! Stay tuned for the review 😉 hopefully you have future publications in the making!

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