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6 Pros and Cons of eReaders

I get asked all the time whether I read ebooks or hard copies.  Well, the answer is both!  Why limit yourself to one format when you don’t have to?!  Today I’m going to share the pros/cons of going electronic with your bookworming.

Pro: You have access to your entire library of ebooks at the touch of a button.

I travel a lot, and I also have a huge fear of being stranded without another book to read.  Since suitcases have weight limits and carry-on bags size restrictions, taking 10+ hard copies isn’t always an option.  Enter: my Kindle with 100s of books purchased/checked out from my library.

Con:  It can be difficult to read in the sunlight.

There’s nothing more annoying than when you’re looking forward to a lazy day at the beach and not being able to actually read the book you brought because your screen has a glare.  Note: supposedly the Kindle Paperwhite addressed this issue (and has a built in adjustable light to help you get in one more chapter before bed–which is never actually just one more chapter).  I haven’t tried it so I can’t testify whether it really works or not.  Let me know if you have!

Pro: It can detect your reading speed and tell you approximately how long it will take for you to finish the book (so you know if you really have time to finish the whole book before you leave for work)

I’m notorious for thinking that I read faster than I actually do.  Oh, just 50 more pages?  I can totally finish that in 20 minutes!  (Spoiler: I can’t.)  My Kindle picks up on the trends of my reading/flipping pages, helping me to better track my time.

Con: You have to remember to charge it/ bring your charger with you when you travel.

I’m not going to lie…the last time I was flying, I was so proud that I remembered to download several new books that I’d been DYING to read.  I sat in my seat, got out my Kindle….only to realize that it was dead.  WOMP WOMP.  Moral of the story, now I always keep a spare power adapter with me in case I get into that situation again.  Oh, and I added “charge and pack Kindle” to my packing to-do list.

Pro:  It takes seconds for your newly ordered book to appear at your finger tips.

Obviously if you drove to your local book store, found a book, and purchased it in-store, it would be readily available for you.  But if you order from Book Outlet, Amazon, or any other online retailer, you have to wait for shipping, and sometimes that’s just not an option.

Con: You miss out on the experience of a traditional hard copy.

When I’ve had a tough day at work, there’s nothing more therapeutic than pouring a glass of wine, sitting on my cozy couch, and reading.  I love the smell, I love the silky feeling of the pages.  Sometimes, it’s more than just a book, its an experience!

If you’re still debating whether you want to try ebooks, but aren’t sure how you’ll feel about reading from a screen, try downloading an app on your smart phone or tablet!  It’s a great way to see if you enjoy it without the commitment. 



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