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6 books for my Cancun getaway!

By the time you read this, I’m going to be sitting on a plane, flying from RDU->IAH->CUN in pursuit of an all-inclusive dream.   You seriously have no clue how much I desperately need this getaway with my sweet hubby!  We packed our suitcase over a week ago…that was the easy part.  Some swimwear, sunscreen, and a few nice outfits, case closed.  The hard part came when I started to decide what reads would make the journey with me.  In case you didn’t know, I have 2 great (book related) fears: 1.) Getting somewhere and not having something to read, and 2.) Having something that I *could* read, but really wishing I had something else.  The end result?  I pack way too many books, covering way too many genres, and weighing entirely too much for this weakling to handle in my carry-on (they may or may not be sneaked into RC’s bag as the day progresses…TBD).

361249361.) The Outsider by Stephen King

So this one I selected primarily for the plane ride.  Hubby usually enjoys sleeping or watching a movie on the flight, but for some reason the minutes seem to drag for me unless I am fully immersed in a book.  The story follows an investigation into a horrific murder of an 11-year-old boy where all signs point toward the town’s favorite Little League coach, English teacher, husband, and father of two girls.  Seems straightforward, except the man has an airtight alibi.  The question is, is an innocent man being framed or did the guilty construct a perfect alibi?  Sounds utterly addictive to me!

375849912.) The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

I’ve been saving this one for the perfect occasion, and what could be better than a romantic getaway for a contemporary romance novel?!  The story shows the aftermath of Nikole’s very public proposal at a Dodger’s game – when the couple in question had only dated for 5 months.. oh and he didn’t even spell her name right.  Enter Carlos, the knight in shining armor that rushes her away from the camera crew, has her back when the video goes viral, and becomes the perfect rebound hook up, full of food, fun, and sex, but if you’re a fan of rom com’s like me, you know something’s going to change….

397209913.)  The Witch Elm by Tana French

This should come as a shock to no one, because I literally just picked up this pre-order on Tuesday.  Tana French is a league of her own when it comes to mystery/thrillers, and I’ve literally been counting the days until I could welcome this baby to my French collection.  The story follows Toby, who following a beating my burglars, moves back to his family’s home to care for his dying uncle Hugo.  When a skill is found in the trunk of an elm tree in the garden, Toby is forced to face the possibility that his past may not be what he has always believed.

350689334.)  How To Be Famous by Caitlin Moran

Thank you so much to my favorite bookworms at Flyleaf Books for sharing this one with me!  It’s apparently a sequel to How to Build a Girl, which I haven’t read, so I’ll find out first hand if you have to read in order. This story takes place in Britain in the 90s as Johanna tries to become famous in hopes of scoring a happily ever after with her BFF/love of her life, John. Full of sex, drugs, and rock n roll, I’ve been super excited to get between the spines of this one.

359011865.) The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson

This story has fascinated me since I heard about it on Read or Dead (my favorite thriller podcast)!  Author Kirk Wallace Johnson, an individual that learned of an unusual crime: American flautist Edwin Rist entered the Tring museum and stole hundreds of extremely rare and extremely valuable bird skins, some collected 150 years.  This seems like one of the moments where reality is stranger than fiction, and I’m so excited for it.  Plus, how gorgeous is this cover?! It should fit in with my ocean views and fruity cocktails quite nicely!

399486336.)  Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Taylor and the rest of the bookstagram community have sung the highest praises for this book, and after meeting the author Delia Owens and hearing her discuss her work, I had to push this to the top of my TBR. Set in Barkley Cove, NC,  “Marsh Girl” Kya Clark has survived for years on her own, being an outsider to the nearby town.  When Chase Andrews is found dead, the locals immediately suspect Kya.  Part mystery, part historical fiction, I feel like this book will satisfy almost any book craving that I might have!

I know what you’re thinking… “But Kay, what if 6 books aren’t enough for your week vacation?!”  Fear not, kindred spirits… I have my Kindle fully charged, loaded, and packed also 😉 but that’s a post for a different day!  Bon voyage, bookworms!



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