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7 Paw-liday Traditions for You and Your Pup

It seems like we’re always talking about book reviews, but you know our Shih Tzus have a special place in our heart… they’re our fur babies after all!  That’s why we’re not embarrassed to say that we spent a lot of time planning activities that we hope will be our new traditions.  Happy pawlidays from our four-legged children to yours!

1.) Take a family picture


Whether you have them professionally take or sucker your mother-in-law into snapping a few quick shots, this is a must-do for so many reasons.  We used ours to make a Christmas card, but you can also gift the pictures (Groupon always has a special for canvases!) to your loved ones that just seem to have everything.

2.)   Bake cookiesimg_8572

Growing up, one of my favorite Christmas traditions was baking cookies with my mom to share with our neighbors. This time, I decided to bake homemade dog treats with Ramsey to give to some of his furry BFFs! Obviously he couldn’t wait to be my taste tester. Check out some of our favorite recipes here.

3.) Use an advent calendar (with special treats, of course!)


One of the most popular ways to countdown to the holiday, an advent calendar is a great way to stretch the celebration all month long. I just nabbed this one on Amazon and can’t wait to start the tradition with my pup!

4.) Go visit Santa










Check your local mall for “Pet Night” or ask your local pet store when the man in red will be in town. Yeah, it’s cheesy (that beard, though), but it’s such a great photo opp and honestly was a lot of fun.  Ramsey got a treat from Santa, and because he’s on the nice list, we bought him a toy that he picked out for himself!  What could possibly be cuter?!

5.) Don’t forget the stocking!

In case you haven’t noticed, we treat our fur babies like really babies, so obviously they deserve their own stocking!  Whether you go big or small, full of toys or full of treats…well, that’s up to you.  Either way, Ras clearly can’t wait to see what he gets in his.   Plus, how cute do they look over the fireplace?!  Win-win!

 6.) Curl up for a Christmas movie


While the weather outside is frightful, your fur baby will think curling up on the couch with you is so delightful (even if he/she secretly questions your movie choice–another Hallmark Christmas movie, mom?!).  Whip up your favorite cookies (and don’t forget the good treats for a good pup!) and enjoy the show!  Bonus points if you wear matching pajamas!


7.) Make a personalized ornament

This was so quick and easy (thanks, One Little Project, for the inspiration!), and I really think it’s a fun addition to our tree.  Plus, fur grandparents love them too!  (No joke, my mom really teared up when she opened hers. )


We hope you have an amazing time adding these to your list of family traditions!  Do you have any others?  Let us know in the comments below!

Pups and kisses,



2 thoughts on “7 Paw-liday Traditions for You and Your Pup

  1. My grand fur baby is visiting for Christmas so we have a few treats planned. First of all, the local Special School had a recent fundraiser whereby the kiddies baked meat, chicken and peanut butter dog biscuits. I have some for Bentley, and also for two local pups. Bentley and I will walk round together to drop off their gifts on Xmas Eve.

    I’ve also filled a couple of toilet rolls with small dog treats and wrapped them like Xmas bon bons. I will hang them around the garden Christmas morning for him.

    I hope the Shit Zeus have a wonderful time. Cheers

    1. That’s so exciting! You have to spoil your grandpups 🙂 You’re so thoughtful to spread treats to your neighborhood dogs. I’m sure they appreciate it! I love the doggy bon bon idea!! Sounds like one we’ll have to steal 😉 Merry Christmas to you!

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