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All of the Rogers by Erin Lockwood – Book Review

Goodreads synopsis:

“How can you love someone so much, and need space from them at the same time?”
My alarm goes off at four am. It takes an hour to get to the studio, and then my ballet training begins. I go to school for a few hours, and then it’s back to the studio for more training. Go to bed. Repeat the whole process the next day.
I hate it.
My time at school is a blur, except for biology. I don’t rush through that class, because I get to see Roger Byrnes. He probably doesn’t even know I exist, but my heart beats a little faster when I see him walk through the classroom door with his messy hair and carefree attitude. He has so much energy. But then he stares off into the distance, and I wonder what he’s thinking. It’s the highlight of my day.
I wish I could quit ballet so I could be a normal teenager. Someone who Roger would want to be with. I could use some excitement in my life…I bet Roger could give that to me.

I have a nasty habit of finishing highly emotional books at inopportune moments.  Case 1: I finished  Me Before You by Jojo Moyes at the pool.  Spoiler: sunscreen and hysterically crying don’t mix.  Who knew? *sarcasm*  Case 2: I finished All of the Rogers by Erin Lockwood at work.  I literally had to reassure everyone that I was not prepared to quit my job from frustration that day because I could not control my facial expressions.  Maybe we should rename it All of the Feelings.

I normally very much dislike books with predominately high school aged characters because I just can’t relate to the characters, but this one actually worked for me. The characters were so incredibly developed, and they honestly had such unique experiences that matured them so quickly that I almost forgot that they were just little babies high school aged.  Watching Kerri in her transition from being a top tier ballerina to a “normal” student was such an amazing exploration of allowing someone to find themselves even when they are identifying themselves within another (if that makes sense).  I loved her.  I also felt so incredibly drawn to Roger’s character.  In an effort to remain spoiler free, he was such a powerful example of how communication needs to be further enhanced in our society.

Through this book I also came to a conclusion: I have an extremely soft spot in my heart for stories that have richly developed familial strain.  This was much more than the typical YA teen angst. It was the issue of parental projections and misaligned goals, and so much more.  I really wish I could give more detail, but I strongly believe that the author should be the one to further elaborate on the topics-not me.  I especially enjoyed learning how the book came to be (psst…it’s a personal story!)

I went into this book pretty blind, which I highly recommend so I’ll leave you with this: If you’re looking for your emotional-wreck fill while waiting for Colleen Hoover’s next release, I definitely recommend checking this one out. Just as CoHo isn’t afraid to tackle messy subjects, Erin Lockwood (ErLo?) isn’t either. And, if I do say so myself, it clearly works for her. Can’t wait to check out her future reads!

Thank you so much to the author for providing me with a copy. It’s my pleasure to share my honest thoughts with everyone.



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