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As Long As We Both Shall Live by JoAnn Chaney

Towards the end of January, I went to the beach with hubby and some of his friends. My main motivation? An excuse to binge read in peace while they had guy time! Literally, I was living my best life – a book in hand, a glass of wine beside me… ahhhhhh. I picked up As Long As We Both Shall Live the day we were leaving, and knew it would be my first conquest. Side note – to hubby if you’re reading this: Stop judging me for packing 10 books for a two day weekend getaway. I don’t need that negativity in my life.


“My wife! I think she’s dead!” Matt frantically tells park rangers that he and his wife, Marie, were hiking when she fell off a cliff into the raging river below. They start a search, but they aren’t hopeful: no one could have survived that fall. It was a tragic accident.

But Matt’s first wife also died in suspicious circumstances. And when the police pull a body out of the river, they have a lot more questions for Matt.

Detectives Loren and Spengler want to know if Matt is a grieving, twice-unlucky husband or a cold-blooded murderer. They dig into the couple’s lives to see what they can unearth. And they find that love’s got teeth, it’s got claws, and once it hitches you to a person, it’s tough to rip yourself free.

So what happens when you’re done making it work?

My thoughts

I absolutely plowed through this book – it was much darker, deeper, more twisted than I expected. I’ve kind of struggled recently with connecting to books – I know it’s 100% just me, not the books I’ve been reading – so I decided to go back to my “comfort food,” AKA domestic thrillers. I truly just needed a book that would suck me in and envelop me, which this one did. They had me from “If you try to kill your wife without a plan, you will fail.”

I actually first heard about this book on my favorite podcast Read or Dead (Hi Rincey and Katie! Let’s be best friends, please!), and it was recommended to go into the story knowing as little as possible about the plot. I highly recommend that approach because it just enhanced the shock factor – which, again, was exactly what I needed. If you’re a veteran of the genre, you pay be able to call some of the twists (I did), but the journey still kept me engaged. And that ending? Chills

This was my first read from JoAnn Chaney, but for her veteran readers you’ll recognize a fun little cameo from What You Don’t Know – the inclusion can feel a little out of place if you don’t realize it’s an “easter egg” so maybe check it out first? Either way, you should definitely enjoy the book either way! Get your copy here.


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