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Between Me And You by Allison Winn Scotch – Book Review

30964544I first heard about Between Me And You from Spivey’s Book Club and the cover had me sold immediately. It looks more like a YA novel but was actually more contemporary adult fiction. For once, I didn’t read the Goodreads blurb OR the back of the book, so I went in completely blind and without any preconceived notions.

The writing style was interesting, as the female MC, Tatum and her husband Ben both tell their love story, but in opposite order. Tatum starts in 1999 and moves forward and Ben starts in 2016 and goes backwards, with alternating POV chapters. At first, it was a bit hard to catch on but by the fourth chapter, I had a decent grip on the storyline flow. It was a very ambitious take on the timeline delivery but in my opinion, this was the downfall for the book as a whole.

I was immediately intrigued and excited for a fast-paced romance read. After a few chapters, I thought I liked knowing the “then” and the “now” of Tatum and Ben’s story, while working towards what went wrong in between. The details provide a very realistic description of relationships-the magic and infatuation we have all felt when you meet someone special and lose yourself in the newness and excitement you experience those first few months. However, I grew weary around the halfway point, there were no twists, since you know their fate from the start and it felt very mundane and monotonous. We heard the same things over and over…and over and unfortunately, I stalled out around 60%. If I weren’t so ridiculously obsessed with finishing a book and giving it a chance for redemption, I would have stopped here. I was bored and just plowed through the last 40% or so.


I grew tired of Ben’s jealousy and selfishness, his relentless pursuit of a failing project and “seeing” Tatum. Also, the man could have benefited from some real talk therapy..and when I say benefited, I mean, it would have completely changed his life. Granted, both the MC’s go through some major shit throughout their lives but the constant dwelling started to feel like a whiny pity-party and annoyed me, which promptly made me feel guilty (and I don’t like that). I haven’t mentioned how I feel about Tatum but to spare from spoilers, I will say that I had a hard time accepting the genuineness and carefree forgiveness that I felt she handed out so easily. She definitely had her faults, but somehow I didn’t feel that she was quite as responsible for their marital problems? The ending of the book was embarrassingly cliche and unrealistic. While the issues in their marriage were realistic and believable, unfortunately, the ending was the complete opposite; undermining the fact that marriages ARE hard, but making up is usually harder and takes work.

I have read Allison Winn Scotch before and enjoyed those books, so this one might be an outlier for me. I would definitely recommend The Theory of Opposites and Time of My Life-which I noted “same old ‘wake up in the past’ story but with an adult twist! Good quick read.” I recently found Scotch’s In Twenty Years for free on Amazon so I grabbed it as well! To get your own copy of Between Me And You, click here!

That’s all for now…back to the never-ending Outlander!! I’m doing a buddy read with a couple of bookish gals on insta and boy…I am loving it but it is a BEAST! Kaylie might be taking over the reviews for a bit..I’m gonna be in Outlander world for a while!

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    1. It’s hard to be honest sometimes but I wouldn’t want someone to have a disappointing reading experience based off of my recommendations! It’s another book towards my goodreads challenge though, so it wasn’t all a loss!

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