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Not Your Average New Years Resolutions

Hi fellow bookworms!  It’s getting to the point that we begin to reassess (and overanalyze) everything that we’ve done in 2018 and determine how we wish to improve for 2019.  Honestly, it’s really hard to  critically evaluate every portion of our lives, so I’m just going to focus on my bookish life (the only one that I feel like I’ve had some control over TBH).

1.) Read (insert quantity here) books

This is the easiest/most straight forward.  Pick a number of books that you want to read, and then read them.  Goodreads is fantastic for this because it literally tracks your reading and lets you know how many you have remaining, whether you are currently at the number that you should be based on a predetermined pace, etc.  It’s definitely motivating to know where you stand compared to your goals – just make sure you push yourself.  Don’t go easy because you’re afraid!

2.) Read more diverse

This is actually my goal for 2019.  Once I started thinking about it, I read predominantly white authors writing about predominantly white people problems.  I personally want to think that I read to expand my mind and perspective, so that’s why I’m going to make a conscious effort to diversify my reading list.  I’ll be tagging them on Goodreads, Instagram, and WordPress with #Diversify2019, so feel free to follow along! (Also, send me recs, please!)

3.) Create a theme

For each month, create a theme.  For example: January – New Year, New Me; February – Black History Month, read books written about/by African Americans.  It can be so much fun to develop your own themes and to find books that fit them after you’ve decided your focus!

4.) Clear the TBR

This is actually the hardest goal for any bookworm.  It involves reading EVERY book on your TBR before you buy/check out/ borrow a new read.  This is not for the faint of heart… but it will probably help with that nagging hubby that can’t understand why you need to buy 5 new books when 15 are sitting at home, unread.

5.) Read before the movies

Hollywood is notoriously relying on novels for their latest blockbuster hits.  Huge hits such as Where’d You Go,BernadetteThe Sun is Also a Star, and The Woman in the Window are all slated to be released as movie adaptation in 2019, so make it your goal to read whatever movie you plan to see!  

6.) Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

Since 2015, Book Riot has released a series of tasks to encourage readers to read books that they ordinarily might not consider.  This year’s tasks range from reading a cozy mystery, to a book published prior to 1/1/2019 with fewer than 100 Goodreads reviews, to a book written in prison.  Find the complete challenge here!

7.) Read the alphabet

Read a book that starts with the letter A, then B, then C, and so on!  This is a great option if you just want to read one genre but still want to branch out from reading the same 3 authors over and over again.

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