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Tackling Outlander With A Buddy Read

I’m afraid of big books.

Ok, now that that’s out there..anything over 400 pages is never my first choice for a read. A couple of months ago, a fellow bookstagrammer reached out to me and suggested we do a #buddyread of Outlander. We had previously discussed how long we’d each had the book but hadn’t reached for it because of it’s intimidating size. I decided to go for it! Let me tell you, I am SO glad that I did! After being part of more than one failing book club, this was the perfect solution to fill that book chat need in me!

We decided to split Outlander into it’s parts – there are 7 – and chat after each one. We planned to start with one part per week and video chat through Google Hangouts on Sunday afternoons. Quickly, we realized that we wanted to keep reading as much as possible, so our chats were sometimes rescheduled to better fit our reading pace. Speaking of reading pace, mine became “I can’t talk to anyone, I can’t go anywhere, I can’t do anything else. Leave me alone and let me read. I don’t need sleep or food. Just Jamie Fraser.” Amazing? Yes. Healthy? Well..depends on your definition of healthy.


After finishing Outlander, our weekly video chats and constant group messages, we’ve formed quite a friendship. They don’t judge my enthusiastic use of ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME, my hearty wine consumption or my pantsless video chats.


While Outlander rocked all 3 of our worlds, we have experienced a difference in pace with Dragonfly In Amber. We started Outlander March 1 and DIA on April 15 to give ourselves time to catch up on other books. I think that Outlander set verrryyyy high expectations so DIA has been a bit slower. I am happy to say that once you hit Part 3, the pace picks up.



I really think that the key to the buddy read is keeping the group small. I have a few other friends that I’ve roped into reading this series with me but we don’t sync our reading schedule so they’re free to read as fast (or slow) as they want!

Have you ever done a buddy read? I would highly recommend it! Grab one or two of your fellow bookworms, OR reach out to a stranger that mentions a common TBR. You never know, you could find a couple of new best book buddies like I did!

Happy Reading!

10 thoughts on “Tackling Outlander With A Buddy Read

    1. Me too!! Our buddy read group is the best buddy read group! You can’t sit with us!!

    1. The second book has definitely been tougher to get through. I’ve heard it picks back up and 3 is action filled!

  1. How fun to buddy read Outlander! I found the same with Dragonfly, and even though I know the books pick up after it, I have been hesitant to pick up book three! Loved this post! 💖

    1. I’ve actually heard that from a few people! I think since the momentum slows down, it’s not as exciting to pick up book 3! Maybe you could join us!

  2. I’m in Part 5 of Outlander! I thought it would be so intimidating to read, but it wasn’t! It did help that I used a free Audible credit to start listening to it on audiobook, but as soon as it picked up, I ended up buying a physical copy. My only thing is I wonder if I’ll be committed enough to finish the entire series… it’s like a trunks worth of books.

    1. It really is like a part-time job! You’re pretty into it so as long as you take it a little at a time, instead of focusing on how much you have left, you’ll plow through in no time!

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