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Audiobooks: Celebrity Memoir Edition

I have always envied people who enjoyed listening to audiobooks. I've never really been able to pay enough attention to get through them..I'll start off great but then 10 minutes later, realize I haven't a clue what's happening. I guess you could say I'm a "visual" person. I was VERY enthusiastic when I signed up… Continue reading Audiobooks: Celebrity Memoir Edition

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A Tangled Mercy – Review

So guys, you and I both know that you can always tell when I REALLY like a book. There's no beating around the bush, I basically force my love for it onto youΒ ask nicely, until you give in and read it. And then you thank me later and we all recognize that I am the… Continue reading A Tangled Mercy – Review

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Moneyball – Review

Hi everyone!Β  So today's review is a little bit different than my usual ones because (drum roll please) you're getting to learn a little more about my life outside of my normal bookworming self!Β  As you know, usually I'm a sucker for my thrillers, but in the spirit of the upcoming baseball season, I picked… Continue reading Moneyball – Review