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Confessions of a Book Blogger: I like the movie more than the book (sometimes)

Happy July 1st! In honor of a new month, I’m starting a new series… Confessions of a Book Blogger (#ConfessionsOfABookBlogger? Idk, I suck at social media). Basically, I’m going to focus on a different “taboo” topic and share my thoughts on the matter. This week? Liking the movie more than the book *gasps, clutches pearls*

My first confession: I love being the person to point out that (insert movie here) is actually an adaptation, and *OMG the book is SOOOOOO much better!!!* It’s a sickness, really. I try to fight my natural reaction, biting my tongue, trying to not continuously be THAT girl. Unfortunately, fate has already decided my stance and personality.

Recently, during a conversation with a family friend, I naturally pointed out (read: ranted furiously) how much better the Harry Potter books are than the movies (obviously). I mean, the movies are fan-freaking-tastic, but they leave out so much information, so much context (still low-key salty they lefty out SPEW).

During my rant, he said something that, as the kids are saying these days, shook me: that sometimes the book can ruin the movie for the viewer. WAIT, WHAT?! How on earth could that be possible? He then proceeded to say that no matter how descriptive an author is, no matter how clear the vision is, there will always be that mental picture developed by the reader that will skew their opinion of the casting choice (seriously, just google it).

As a self-proclaimed advocate for read first, watch later, this opinion really stuck with me. I began to look back through my reading experiences to see how my personal biases were skewing my adaptation appreciation, and I found that every time I watched the movie/adaptation first first, I was less annoyed with the adaptation. There were not strings attached, no expectations that would inevitably not be met. Basically, I appreciated it for what it was: a good movie, TV show, etc.

Thank you so much for sticking with me, y’all! I’m not gonna lie, I still prefer to read first/watch second/complain that the book was better third, but at least I can see the other side of the coin! Comment/DM/email me your thoughts… I’m curious to hear if anyone shares these opinions! Check back August 1 for my next edition of Confessions of a Book Blogger!


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