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It started with a text message

“I think we can actually do this”

“…….I am so happy you said that”

And just like that, two girls decided to take their love for reading and dissecting every detail in their latest novel and make it public.  And they read happily ever after.

Welcome to our little corner of the internet!  We’re Taylor and Kaylie, the book enthusiasts (read: bookworms) behind Shih Tzus & Book Reviews.  We never leave home without a book (or five), are constantly taking pictures of our sweet fur babies, and have a soft spot in our hearts for hard covers, white wine, and browsing book stores.


 Consider this your online book club, and we’re your most obsessed enthusiastic members.  We’ll read everything you’ve ever dreamed of and tell you all about it. Don’t worry: we’ll warn you if spoilers are coming!


You can keep up with our current choices in the “What We’re Reading” tab, or follow us on Instagram and Goodreads (Taylor / Kaylie) .  Requests are always encouraged!


We can’t wait to share our favorite books (and pictures of our pups) with you!


Taylor and Kaylie

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