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Life and Other Inconveniences by Kristan Higgins – Book Reviews

Today I’m so excited to share my thoughts on Kristan Higgins’ new release, Life and Other Inconveniences! Honestly, my review isn’t going to even begin to describe how much I believe you should read this book. So let’s dive in, shall we? (Yes, that was a pun based on the cover photo :-p)


From the New York Times bestselling author of Good Luck with That comes a new novel about a blue-blood grandmother and her black-sheep granddaughter who discover they are truly two sides of the same coin.

Emma London never thought she had anything in common with her grandmother Genevieve London. The regal old woman came from wealthy and bluest-blood New England stock, but that didn’t protect her from life’s cruelest blows: the disappearance of Genevieve’s young son, followed by the premature death of her husband. But Genevieve rose from those ashes of grief and built a fashion empire that was respected the world over, even when it meant neglecting her other son.

When Emma’s own mother died, her father abandoned her on his mother’s doorstep. Genevieve took Emma in and reluctantly raised her–until Emma got pregnant her senior year of high school. Genevieve kicked her out with nothing but the clothes on her back…but Emma took with her the most important London possession: the strength not just to survive but to thrive. And indeed, Emma has built a wonderful life for herself and her teenage daughter, Riley.

So what is Emma to do when Genevieve does the one thing Emma never expected of her and, after not speaking to her for nearly two decades, calls and asks for help?

My thoughts

Oh my heart. I literally started this book on a Saturday in the pool (yay for a waterproof Kindle!) and did not want to put it down! Going into the read, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Based on the cover, I was partially expecting a warm and fuzzy summer read, but . One of the main themes discussed throughout the book is mental health. This can be an extremely tricky topic to touch, but Higgins handled it with grace and respect, and I really felt her research into the topic both accurately depicted some of the issues while truly providing depth to the characters and their stories.

What struck me the most was how incredibly the characters are developed and how every detail (big or small) seems to tie together. I loved that, while there were clearly people that you’d view more favorably than others and others that you fight the urge to punch in the face, their perspectives and histories show how complex relationships, or even life in general, can be.

Overall, I give Life and Other Inconveniences 4.5 huge stars. Thank you so much to Berkley Publishing for providing my advance review copy. It’s always my pleasure to share my honest thoughts and opinions with everyone!

Available August 6, get your copy today: Amazon | Indie Bound


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