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Nelly’s Case by Andy Siegel – Book Review

Goodreads synopsis:

Nelly Rivera, when Tug first sees her, lies helpless in a hospital bed. Once sassy, active and ambitious, she’s now a young woman with an uncertain future and a present seemingly tied to dependency. Discovering exactly what happened to her in a dental office while under anesthesia and who was responsible, however, is just one of Tug’s goals. For he soon enough learns Nelly has recently inherited a hefty sum from her late father’s life insurance. Which definitely complicates matters. The closer Tug, committed as always to gaining justice, gets to the truth, the more elusive it becomes.

I had no idea what to expect from a mystery in a malpractice law format.  To be honest, prior to reading Nelly’s Case  I didn’t even know how to proceed with a mystery that didn’t have a gruesome murder in the first act, even though “The Unfortunate Event” had me shaking in boots at the horrible event-especially since I low-key am terrified of going to the dentist AND being under anesthetic.  The story, as it transpired, led to the question: how could they get away with it?!  Fortunately for our victim Nelly Rivera, she was able to get Tug Wyler on her case.  Is he able to get her the closure and/or compensation that she needs? Well, I guess you’ll  have to read on to find out!

What I will say is that Tug is such a passionate and determined individual which instantly makes the reader step into his side of the ring, regardless of their stance on the argument.  I really enjoyed the writing style and definitely plan to read Siegel’s future publications.

Andy Siegel is a genius when it comes to this story with its plot line centered around accusations of malpractice (probably because he actually *is* a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney…write what you know, right?).  Honestly? Tug Wyler was so witty from our first interactions with him, and he also was able to convey a strong sense of intelligence, which makes him an even more intriguing character.  Lucky for all of us, there are multiple “cases” now released (including Elton’s Case and Jenna’s Case–psst…this one’s available on Kindle Unlimited!).  Because I love you guys and want to give you the most accurate information possible, I’ll take one for the team and read Elton’s Case next and share my thoughts soon 😉 I know, I’m such a martyr!

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted take on your usually mystery/thriller vibes, I highly recommend checking out some of Andy Siegel’s “Cases”.   They are thrilling, thought provoking, and truly well written.  Thank you so much to FSB Associates for providing me with an advance copy. It’s always my pleasure to share my honest opinions with our readers!



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