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New Year, Who Dis Part 1: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero – Review

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never really been a big “self-help” book kinda girl.  Not that I really held anything against them necessarily, I just normally prefer reading for pure entertainment.  So when I decided that I was going to do a personal development theme for January 2018, I did what any good book worm would do: check the Goodreads ratings and judged the book by its cover.  Well, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life had over 4 stars and had a really catchy title so…why not?

I’ve technically been reading this since December because I wanted to take advantage of the “bite-sized” chapters and not stress out about trying to read a book about bettering myself (which probably includes stressing significantly less, ya think?).  I honestly really loved this approach because I was able to take what was mentioned in the chapter, turn it over in my head, and figure out how it applied to my life/what, if anything, I should do about it.  If you’re considering reading this, I highly recommend following that style. Plus, you can toggle between this and another book (cough-cough, Stay With Me) with ease.  Win-win, right?

The actual content is pretty standard, and I’m sure most of you have already read a book, blog, or something that gives similar advice.  You deserve greatness and need to stop holding yourself back.  Focus on the present, forget about the past and ignore the future.  If something isn’t bringing you joy, change it.  Treat yourself with love and respect.  In other words, your happiness is up to you alone.  Now, obviously that doesn’t apply to all levels of life.  Just as the Serenity Prayer goes, you need the serenity to accept the things you cannot change and the courage to change the things you can.  This book was very clearly for the latter of the two.

What really made this special was Jen Sincero.  She just seemed like the big sister that you’ve always wanted, telling you that you can totally pull off that outfit that you’d never dare trying to rock for fear of looking ridiculous.  Plus, she brought in such relevant, real-life humor that had me literally laughing out loud several times, thinking, “OMG THAT IS SO ME!”  Specifically with one description of what’s going through her mind when she’s at yoga in pigeon pose.  Let’s just say I’ve literally been there, so now namastay in shavasana instead #sorrynotsorry.

I should warn you though, this book can be a bit…interesting at times. I’m talking “match your vibrations to the good things you wish to attract” kind of uniqueness. However, it doesn’t always have this vibe, so even if that’s not your particular glass of Merlot, you can still appreciate the general content.

Now for a little personal talk: I’m not going to say that I had a huge epiphany where I decided to rid my life of all negative influences and instantly embraced my inner badass.  I still have my self doubts.  I still have days where I lie awake at night thinking about that time at the movie theater 10 years ago where the attendant said “Enjoy the movie!” and I responded “You too!”  Sometimes, it absolutely terrifies me that I have no clue where I want to be in 5 years (actually if I’m being totally honest, 1 year).  What it did do was spark something in me that should have been sparked a long time ago.  It made me start to consider how I talk to myself daily and realize that I’m not being all that fair.  I hide my insecurities behind sarcasm and honestly care way too much about what people think and whether I will disappoint them.  I’m capable for more than I give myself credit, and all the things that are scaring me are great ways to prove to myself that I’m destined for greater things.  Rather than having a meltdown because I just CANNOT understand what in the world elasticity in economics is (side note: shout out to RC, hubby of the year, for not only calming me down during this real-life, ugly-crying, hysterical-melt down sesh.. but also only kind of judging me for it after the fact), I need to realize that I am in that situation because I have proven that I am capable of success in that course.

My opinion?  Even though it was a bit cheesy at times, it really had a great underlying message and purpose.  If you’re looking for a feel good, personal development book, give this one a look.  However, if you do nothing else in 2018, find some way to appreciate what you’re capable of and just fall in love with being you.   And with that, according to Sincero, “And the bluebirds of happiness will be your permanent backup singers.”  Hopefully they’ll help me with my next challenge… The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!




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