“On second thought…” – An After-thought Goodreads Rating Change

Picture it: You just finished a book that you really enjoyed reading, you’ve clicked the “I’m Finished!” button on Goodreads and you get to share your rating with the world at last.


5 STARS!!!!




(Side note, I think I’m too old to attempt to use #shook… *shrugs*)

And then, a few months later (and a few 5 stars later)…the second-guessing begins to set in.  Yes, you really enjoyed …..but it doesn’t even hold a candle to (insert true 5 star review here).  Do I feel guilty for my initial opinions?  NO.  Do I wish I could change my review?  Absolutely.

Sometimes, you get swept up in the initial emotions of rating a book.  The twist captivated you, the love story swept you up, the novel evoked *all the feels.*  Even though your first reaction was 5 stars, that doesn’t mean you continued to feel that way after the fact.  And that’s 100% okay. 

Because that’s the thing about reading: the book sticks with you much longer than you are between the spines.  For better or worse, once you put that book down, your feelings will continue.  Sometimes, once the shock-factor of the epic twist wears off, I’m left wanting more.  Or maybe, the more I think about it, the relationship between the protagonists is kind of problematic, not romantic. 

Similarly, I’ve had moments where I up-rated a book after the fact.  Honestly, right when I closed the covers, I was confused, annoyed even.  Then, hours/days/months down the road, I realized just how much this book had stuck with me.  Even though I had initially rated it low, I kept telling my friends they HAD TO GET THEIR HANDS ON A COPY ASAP!!!! It was challenging, thought provoking, and just plain captivating.   Obviously, my initial review didn’t satisfy my true feelings for the book, and it was my responsibility to give the correct opinions.

One important thing to note: after-the-fact revisions should be a very personal thing.  Don’t pretend to love something that you don’t just because your friends gave it 5 stars… and don’t pretend to hate something because your favorite reviewer gives it the big thumbs down. 

Moral of the story?  If you decides to revise your review, YOU DO YOU BABY BOO.  Like I said before, this is a truly personal experience.  Your review is, shockingly YOUR REVIEW.  If something didn’t settle the way that you expected, it’s your prerogative to change your mind.  It’s our obligation to make sure that the right readers decide to pick up a book.  Honestly, if you lie about your thoughts, no one (author, reader, publisher, or you) is going to win.

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2 thoughts on ““On second thought…” – An After-thought Goodreads Rating Change

  1. this happens to me allll the time. Sometimes I realize a book has stuck with me way longer than I initially realized it would and uprate it, other times I see how it compares to other highly rated books and feel like other books seem out of place.

    I do think it’s hard for me sometime to rate honestly when someone I like and respect really liked a book that I hated. I think i probably still overrate the book a little, even though I know I should be true to opinions. Ultimately, I guess I care more about my friendships than my book ratings haha

    1. I completely agree! I try to rate it before I look at what others said, but if a friend has been singing the praises of a book in person, it’s much harder to forget 🤷🏼‍♀️

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