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PageHabit Review – Guest Post

Being #bookish is hard sometimes. Hard on your wallet, your free time, your social life, your house-cleaning schedule…but I’ve never regretted a minute of it. Another hard part is choosing the right book subscription for you. There are so so many options, from monthly to quarterly, from books to book goodies, from new releases to surprise picks..the list goes on. I’ve decided to make it a little easier on everyone and do a round-up of bookbox subscriptions to help you know which one is your best fit!

Now…I have the pleasure of introducing @agirlandher_books to you! Arrington has a very similar taste in books as I do and her insta pics are always drool worthy. When I reached out to her about reviewing her monthly PageHabit subscription, she responded almost immediately and was so happy to help.



Isn’t it great when someone you don’t know (in real life) is friendly and nice and actually responds?! Side note: that wasn’t always the case. I asked 5 people to review a monthly book subscription-2 answered….



So how does PageHabit work? A group of authors, “tastemakers” and critics help to pick the best new releases to feature each month. For $29.99, you can choose from multiple categories, so there’s literally (tehe) something for everyone! Literary fiction, fantasy, mystery, young adult fiction, romance, horror, historical fiction* and science fiction (*brb, placing my order now). Each featured author writes special annotations and a letter for PageHabit members. The book is then boxed and bundled with fun and unique bookish goodies, including access to digital content-for members only! Your book box is delivered straight to your door each month and you can read happy knowing you’re supporting children’s literacy AND getting new bookish treats 🙂

“We noticed that there was an especially large disconnect between authors and their fans — online and in real life. We realized that through our curated boxes, we could help bridge this gap and deliver an amazing immersive reading experience.”

-PageHabit website

Seriously, how cool is this? You get an exclusive view of the authors thoughts and mindset during their writing process! Ever been reading and thought, “wait, what? No! That doesn’t make sense, why would you do that?!” Now’s your chance to go behind the scenes and find out, directly from the author! At PageHabit, they know that part of the reading experience is diving deeper, going beyond the words on a page to relate these stories to our real lives. That is why each of their boxes comes complete with exclusive author insight, including a written letter and author annotations! Every new release is peppered with exclusive author annotations placed throughout the book to enhance the reading experience.

Now, I present to you, @agirlandher_books review:

I started Page Habit three months ago when I saw someone post about it on Instagram. It definitely looked intriguing so I went to check out their website! Once I did this I was hooked. I opted to sign up for the Mystery box.

In the box every month you receive a slew of bookish things ranging from bookmarks, totes, to just all kinds of trinkets. You also receive a copy of the genre book you have chosen with annotated sticky notes from the authors within the books. These are all spread out and give you a glimpse into what the author was thinking when they were writing. This is my favorite part about the books that come in Page Habit’s boxes.

I also do enjoy that every month they have a third world country in which they send proceeds to. This goes to help them promote literacy and reading in those countries. So not only do I get to promote my love of reading by getting fun bookish things and an awesome book every month I also get to feel like I am helping out a great cause that is very close to my heart.

This is definitely a quality subscription box service that I have really enjoyed and will continue to get going into the future. With all the different genre options that they offer there is something that will appeal to all readers! I hope that you get a Page Habit box soon and enjoy it as much as I have!























Need one more reason to try PageHabit?

With every box purchased, a donation is made to support children’s literacy.

PageHabit is founded on the simple belief that reading is for everyone. Every month, they partner with a different organization to donate books to underserved communities around the world. Sound too good to be true? Spoiler alert: it’s not! PageHabit really is this great. While I realize that $30 a month for book nerd treats isn’t in everyone’s budget, PageHabit also offers a quarterly subscription service, making your box even more exciting through the art of anticipation!

If you have a book subscription you’re interested in and would like to know more, let me know! I hope to review more boxes soon 🙂 In the meantime, be sure to follow Arrington on insta @agirlandher_books !


k, bye!


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