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Paper Ghost by Julia Heaberlin – Book Review

Goodreads synopsis:
Carl Louis Feldman is an old man who was once a celebrated photographer.
That was before he was tried for the murder of a young woman and acquitted.
Before his admission to a care home for dementia
Now his daughter has come to see him, to take him on a trip.
Only she’s not his daughter and, if she has her way, he’s not coming back . . .
Because Carl’s past has finally caught up with him. The young woman driving the car is convinced her passenger is guilty, and that he’s killed other young women. Including her sister Rachel.
Now they’re following the trail of his photographs, his clues, his alleged crimes. To see if he remembers any of it. Confesses to any of it. To discover what really happened to Rachel.
Has Carl truly forgotten what he did or is he just pretending? Perhaps he’s guilty of nothing and she’s the liar.
Either way in driving him into the Texan wilderness she’s taking a terrible risk.
For if Carl really is a serial killer, she’s alone in the most dangerous place of all . . .

This was such an interesting concept for a story, and truly created a very suspenseful novel.    It truly had me on edge from the moment that Carl was introduced. While I will say it was a bit slow at times for my taste, the slow burn allowed the author to truly develop the story and characters, which overall painted an incredible image.

I honestly wish that I could share more, but I recommend going in with limited knowledge for the best possible experience.  It’s creepy, eerie, and truly uncomfortable…in a good way!

Two final thoughts…1.) creepy pictures of children automatically make a story even more terrifying, and 2.) I may need Botox to fix the lines on my face from concern, etc.  Thank you so much to the author and Goodreads for providing me with an advance copy!  It’s a privilege to share my honest thoughts and opinions. Get your own copy of Paper Ghosts here.



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