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Real Talk: Unpopular Opinions vs. My Anxiety

Unpopular opinions. We’ve all had them at one point in our lives – and I’m willing to bet that 99.99% of us have experienced them in our reading adventures.  There’s that one book that everyone has absolutely raved about that you just couldn’t get on board with.  Maybe the story didn’t catch your attention.  Maybe it was too outlandish.  Maybe the writing style didn’t vibe with your preferences.  Or maybe it’s the opposite for you – a book that your friends Hated with a  capital H, but you absolutely adored. Either way, it makes you second guess everything.

My struggle with unpopular opinions is deeply rooted in me.  Even growing up, I had to wear the cool outfit, say the right thing, be the one that I was supposed to be.  Plain and simple, I wanted to be like (and liked by) everyone else.  That explains why it took me so long to realize that I would rather read mysteries than romance – a realization that would triple the volume of reading in under three years.  I wanted to fit in, read what everyone else read, feel what everyone else felt. Beneath the smile and the snarky comments, I’m just a girl that wanted to love and be loved.  That’s why, honestly, reviewing books can be so mentally tough for me.  What if I don’t like what the “cool kids” like?  What if I recommend a book that no one else likes?  Will it make everyone like me less?  Just like that, what started as a fun little hobby turned into a high pressure situation.

Sarah Andersen (@sarahandersencomics) gets it

I wish I could say that I’ve had this epiphany that it doesn’t matter whether I’m liked, accepted, or “normal.”  Just today, I shared my “unpopular opinion” on Goodreads… and it took me 4 months to do so. I kept starting, restarting, pausing, and restarting again. However, having this “platform” (on Shih Tzus & Book Reviews, Instagram, and Goodreads) has shown me just how important it is to share my honest thoughts. For every time that I’ve questioned if my opinion is valid, I know countless others feel the exact same way.

And you know the thing about opinions… they’re totally, and completely, your own. 


2 thoughts on “Real Talk: Unpopular Opinions vs. My Anxiety

  1. I agree! Life would be boring if we all liked the same books—that’s why so many authors write so many different books.
    Sometimes, it’s also really awesome to read an “unpopular” opinion because I won’t like a book that everyone loves—or I will love a book with terrible reviews. When people post honest reviews, I can tell who I share a taste in books with, even though no one is exactly the same!

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