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Right Behind You – Review

Ramsey hates that Mom dresses him up for Halloween..but loves that she bribes him with treats if he cooperates for pictures.

I’m absolutely obsessed with any and all holidays, but I’d have to say that Halloween is my favorite.  How many other times do you get the chance to dress up as Cinderella and sit at your standard 9-5 desk job?  They do always say to dress for the job you want…. Anyways, I digress.  The month of October basically becomes one long Halloween celebration for me.  I eat absurd amounts of candy (and then buy more because it was supposed to be for the trick-or-treaters…whoops), look for any excuse to wear a costume, and watch creepy movies/read creepy books.Which brings us to Lisa Gardner’s Right Behind You!


Also, back by popular demand, your drink pairing! (Seriously, I actually had several people notice that I didn’t include a signature drink for my past two reads…let them eat cake drink cocktails!)  For those sipping with me at home, this week I’m succumbing to my 7 Deadly Zins!


At age 5, Sharlah May Nash watches her brother Telly Ray Nash beat their drunk father to death with a baseball bat after he came after her with a knife.  While no charges are pressed because it was deemed self-defense, they are placed into separate foster homes.  Eight years later, Sharlah is the soon-to-be adopted daughter of retired FBI profiler Quincy and Rainie, and learns that Telly has allegedly killed 4 people (including his foster parents) and it looks like his rampage has just begun.  When the only pictures saved on Telly’s phone are of Sharlah, they fear that she will be his next victim.  What caused him to snap after all these years?

Right Behind You is actually the 7th book in Lisa Gardner’s Quincy & Rainie series, but it could easily be read as a standalone and fully appreciated.  Just look at me….being the rebel that I am I read it as a standalone and I’m still feeling it. I never felt as though I were missing crucial pieces of the puzzle. If anything, based on the other reviews that I’ve read (specifically by Gardner’s loyal fans), I honestly think that being blind to the story may have made it even more enjoyable!

Who am I?
Zero or Hero.

Now, I’m a complete and total sucker for horror movies.  Not the ones like Annabelle, The Conjuring, or The Exorcist (which I had no idea was based on a novel until recently…still probably not brave enough for that one *shudders*)…but if there’s a man in a mask, sign me up…especially the 1978 Halloween series (except for Halloween 3…I’m not even linking the IMDB and am pretending it doesn’t exist because I hate it so much!)!  At the start of Right Behind You, I was getting major “‘man in a mask’ horror movie” vibes, expecting there to be countless run-ins with Telly, and probably an ending where Sharlah is held captive and narrowly escapes the clutches of her evil brother.  I mean the first scene ends with Telly holding a baseball bat after brutally beating his father with said baseball bat.  Kinda like…


HALLOWEEN!!!  Okay, I promise I’m done with the Halloween references…
for now *dun dun duuunnnn*

Now, I’m horrible at keeping secrets and I’m trying not to give anything away but…THAT’S NOT AT ALL WHAT HAPPENS.   It would have been so easy to simply make this a thriller, Gardner creates more mystery and intrigue, making it almost impossible to put this book down until you get to the bottom of it.

This was a super quick read, very well paced, that sucked me in almost immediately and kept me guessing for the duration of the book.  I definitely suggest starting it when you have time to binge read (AKA not on a work/school night or when you only have 20 minutes, because you will be disappointed when you have to put it down…you’ve been warned.)  I’m giving it 5 stars  and now I can’t wait to read the others by Lisa Gardner!  As usually, my TBR list continues to grow!

Have you read this one?  Let me know in the comments!



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