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Eagle & Crane by Suzanne Rindell – Book Review

A barnstorming air circus, a pseudo love triangle and a deathly plane crash all come together to make on of the most touching and heartbreaking endings of any book I’ve ever read. Beautifully written, Suzanne Rindell transports her readers back to 1940’s Depression-era California.

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All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin – Book Review

Emily Giffin's newest novel is unlike anything she’s ever written. Eerily relevant in today’s society, Giffin explores what it means to stand for what you believe in and protect your loved ones..but at what cost?

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Little Big Love by Katy Regan – Book Review

Happy Pub Day Katy Regan! In her US debut Little Big Love, Regan introduces the Hutchinson family and their worst fear, as the youngest member goes on a mission to find his father.

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Dreams of Falling by Karen White – Book Review

Karen White's newest novel, Dreams Of Falling is on shelves today! Another perfect summer read with a dash of mystery and a sprinkle of romance!

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Campaign Widows by Amy Agresti – Book Review

Described as a mix between Sex and the City and West Wing, Campaign Widows is a hilarious story behind the scenes of DC and what it's like to go home with politics.