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Taylor’s August Reads Round-up



Hi bookworms! A little late with my round-up from last month but here it is! I didn’t have the best book picks this month, but the couple I enjoyed, I REALLY enjoyed. If you’ve read any of the same books, let me know what YOU thought! I love chatting about books, obviously, so let’s have at it 🙂 



“If a book is well written, I always find it too short.”

-Jane Austen


33413128This is my third Backman novel (Ove and Grandmother) and I’m sensing a lot of similarities. There are a lot of characters and I never really feel like I know any of them that well. That’s the case with Bear Town as well. My opinion was a very unpopular one, it seems, most enjoyed this novel. I was left with a lot of questions and things I didn’t understand and I didn’t really care for the ending. Overall, 3 stars and that felt generous. 4.32 overall on GoodReads, so I guess I missed some deep meaning with this one.

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The Lying Game had A LOT of hype surrounding it, I gave it 3 stars. I spent the whole book waiting for the main character to lose her mind and kill’ll have to read it yourself to see if I called it correctly. I flew through this read, and the writing was excellent but I was disappointed in the ending-unless there’s a sequel about one of the bad guys, too many loose ends and things not being tied up for me to accept the conclusion. 3.59 overall on GoodReads.

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I came across this novel from a GoodReads recommendation. It had the historical aspect I enjoy, with some mystery thrown in. The book was a bit slow at times, and there was a bit of hopping from past to present, but overall the ending came together. I was left with only a couple of questions, but GoodReads Q&A answered these for me. 3.5 stars, while the story was a great idea, the delivery was lacking. 3.85 overall on GoodReads.

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Oh, boy. I was SO excited about this book. The blurb makes it sound undeniably intriguing. No idea what kind of gifts the girl had…well, you find out quickly that she’s a zombie. Yes, full blown. This is like The Walking Dead in book form, but without Rick or Daryl. I was actually so bored, I stopped reading 1/3 of the way through and gave it to a family member, who, after reading, told me not to waste my time. ONE STAR. (Turns out I gave this two stars on GoodReads but clearly I was just feeling giving that day.)

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I had zero expectations when I started this one. I saw it on a friends recent reads and took a risk. Just let me say, I loved these characters. It was surprising -time travel!- and so well written. I felt like I knew Jane Austen. All of the characters were just so well developed and I was sad to finish the book and leave them behind. It was a bit slow to start and definitely an overall slow burn. I had one thing that irked me about the ending, but it wasn’t enough to sway me from 4 stars! 3.77 overall on GoodReads.

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This read had romance and mystery and thriller and I read it so quickly. I would definitely recommend this one! 4 stars and 4.03 overall on GoodReads so you know its a good one.

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I didn’t really enjoy this one. A missing mother leaves notes in novels all around her family house. Years later, no one has any idea the letters, with her reasons for leaving, are all around them in the books. I didn’t like the mother and I didn’t enjoy the way the book ended. Take it from me, skip this guy. If you don’t, let me know your thoughts! 2 stars. and 3.63 overall on GoodReads.

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This wasn’t an August read, BUT I have to tell everyone I know to please read this book. It knocked me off my feet and I loved it so hard. If you’ve never read Taylor Jenkins Reid, do yourself a favor and get to the library and check them ALL out. You’ll wanna do that because you’re going to read them really quickly and need your next fix ASAP. 5 stars and overall 4.24 on GoodReads.

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I have a huge TBR list for September! Lots going on this month…including MY 30th BIRTHDAY! I will be traveling a few times but I’m excited to take pretty book pics for you guys 😉 Happy Reading!

k, bye!

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