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Taylor’s October TBR


Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your to-be-read pile…


Last month I had a sick dog, a birthday and a cross-country trip. AKA not a lot of reading for and it pained me to see the library notifications coming through. One after another, my precious unread books were due back. Shamefully, I admit that I didn’t turn them in on time (I had to finish!) and now have a $5.25 late fee. This month, I will do better! If only the new fall tv shows would quit calling my name…


The Other Alcott

I’m excited to read this one! It was Saltwater Reads September pick but I couldn’t get it from the library fast enough. I’m obsessed with historical fiction and there’s a 3.97 rating on GoodReads!



Cocoa Beach

GoodReads blurb

If you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with Beatriz Williams. If you haven’t read her stuff, do it ASAP. I’ve given them all 5 stars! Cocoa Beach has 3.5 stars on GoodReads, which is weird but will not deter me one bit. (More historical fiction-told you I love it!)



Without Merit

GoodReads blurb

Again, you’ve all heard me RAVE about Colleen Hoover. I will never NOT read anything she publishes. She is amazing. She is talented. She rips my heart out every time. Another must read author! Without Merit is released on 10/3 (TOMORROW TOMORROW YOU’RE ONLY A DAYYYY AAAWAYYYY) and already has a 4.42 GoodReads rating. WHAT.



Children of the Salt Road

GoodReads blurb

I won an ARC of this novel through GoodReads GiveAways! My first ARC 🙂 If you haven’t, I’d suggest applying for their giveaways. They have so many and it’s so fun to get an email that you won! This book has a 4.5 GoodReads rating so far so I think it’ll be a great read. Plus, Lydia Fazio Theys autographed mine!! SO COOL.



The Burning Girl

GoodReads blurb

I’m currently reading this book and having a hard time getting into it. I’m still waiting for something to grab me, and it has the lowest GoodReads rating (3.44) of my TBR this month. I heard about it on Book Riots All The Books! podcast and those girls don’t usually let me down, so I’m hoping it catches me soon 🙂



I’m sure there will probably be more books I read this month but these are the ones I WILL READ, NO EXCUSES. Read along with me so we can discuss!



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