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Terror is Our Business by Joe R. Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale – Book Review

When I first heard of Joe R. Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale’s publication, Terror is Our Business: Dana Roberts’ Casebook of Horrors, I was immediately intrigued because it was giving me major Supernatural (the fantastic TV series with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles *insert heart-eye emoji*) vibes.  While I enjoy a good scare (book, movie, or TV show), it’s hard for me to find one that really catches my attention, so I knew I had to get my hands on a copy of this one.

Terror is Our Business consists of short stories following Dana Roberts and Jana as they investigate supernatural, or as they call it “supernormal,” activities (according to Dana Roberts, there aren’t “supernatural” things, just events that science cannot yet explain). Recently, I’ve been completely swamped in my personal life, so being able to grab the book and settle in for a short story (I would say less than 10 minutes of reading for most of them) was *fantastic*! They gave me a chance to escape from my reality for a few minutes, and for that I am so appreciative.  Have time to binge read it?  You do you, boo.  Just know that I’m extremely jealous!

While the story content is frightening, the authors included lighthearted components to make it more easily palatable.  Each story contained a touch of humor or lighter remark.  That was especially crucial for me as I live alone for part of the year and would much rather not have to sleep with the lights on!  It was the perfect amount of spooky for me without resorting to predictable scare tactics.

I’m really hoping for future releases by Joe R. Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale because they really captured what I needed from a scary story.  Terror is Our Business is now available at all major retailers, so if you’re a fan of horror with a touch of comedy (or love Supernatural just let me!) you must get your hands on a copy ASAP!  Thank you so much to Smith Publicity for providing me with an advance review copy.  It’s always a pleasure to share my thoughts and opinions with our readers!



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