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The Outsider by Stephen King – Book Review

The awkward moment when my lobster pants blend in more than my black-and-white book cover *shrugs*

Well, you guys, I’m back from my week long getaway, full of margaritas, sun, and lots of reading!  Just like I said when I shared my “packed books” list, I started off the vacation with The Outsider by Stephen King, a somewhat daunting book – 561 pages is super long IMHO – with a very difficult premise – the very disturbing murder of a young boy with all signs pointing to one of the town’s favorite members – Terry Maitland, loving father, devoted husband and town Little League coach.  The case was quickly built against him, thanks to several eye witnesses and the presence of DNA evidence at the scene of the crime that would be extremely difficult to fake.  The trouble?  Terry had eyewitnesses and fingerprints proving that he was literally no where near the scene of the crime at the time.

This book reminded me significantly of the TV show Supernatural, both because of the potential threat of something supernatural and sinister lurking around the corner, but also because they keep it embedded in the most terrifying thought of all: . As the reader, you try to figure out which would be more likely: a doppelgänger/ secret twin, the ability for someone so seemingly wholesome and amazing for the community to be hiding such a dark secret, or something else that is much more difficult to explain?  (Side note: I honestly don’t think  there’s a option that I would consider “better”… these are all horrifying.)

From the first pages, I was sucked into the book, drinking up every detail (and trust me, there were so many of them) provided. This wasn’t quite a traditional horror in my mind – it had certain components of a mystery – it truly explored two of the most terrifying concepts that I can think of – being accused of a crime that you didn’t commit (one that would certainly evoke shouts for the death penalty), and who is the neighbor next door… and what could they be hiding.

In an effort to remain spoiler free, I’m afraid I can’t say too much about the characters, but I can say that they came to life, leaping off the pages and almost becoming a living, breathing entity in my eyes. You learn their likes, dislikes, histories, fears.  My sole complaint was the ending.  In my opinion, it felt… abrupt after the eloquent (read: long) book before it.

I highly recommend devouring this one as quickly as possible – (get yours here) or in my case, all in one flight to my vacation destination (don’t judge me). You won’t want to put this one down once you’re sucked in.




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