We have a new reviewer!

The dog’s out of the bag – we have a new reviewer joining us at Shih Tzus & Book Reviews! After 2 full years of fur-rocious training and learning to sit, stay, read, and repeat, we are thrilled to be welcoming Ramsey to our book reviewing family! We are PAWSITIVE you’re going to love everything he has to say, and he pawmises to always share his honest thoughts and opinions with our readers – even if he’s bribed with ear scratchies, good treats, and snuggles. Now, without further ado, enjoy Ramsey’s first ever book review!

Ramsey’s thoughts

Bark bark bark bark! Grrrrrrrrrrr BARK BARK BARK BARK….. Woof bark woof woof woof GRRRRRRR. Bark bark bark. Ruff ruff ruff. BARK BARK BARK BARK! Woof woof woof, grr grr grrrr BARK. *tilts head in an adorable fashion* woof woof woof grr grr grrr bark bark BARK.

Bark bark ark woof woof, grrrr, grrrr, bark! Ruff ruff ruff woof woof grrrr bark! Woof woof ruff ruff bark bark grr, grr bark ruff ruff woof grr woof!

Well, I guess we need to work on our translating skills *shrugs*…. Thank you Ramsey for all your hard work. If anyone wants to have Ramsey review their work, just DM us on Instagram!. Oh, and Happy April Fools Day 🙂

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