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When You Read This by Mary Adkins – Book Review

Goodreads Synopsis: For four years, Iris Massey worked side by side with PR maven Smith Simonyi, helping clients perfect their brands. But Iris has died, taken by terminal illness at only thirty-three. Adrift without his friend and colleague, Smith is surprised to discover that in her last six months, Iris created a blog filled with sharp and often funny musings on the end of a life not quite fulfilled. She also made one final request: for Smith to get her posts published as a book. With the help of his charmingly eager, if overbearingly forthright, new intern Carl, Smith tackles the task of fulfilling Iris’s last wish. Before he can do so, though, he must get the approval of Iris’ big sister Jade, an haute cuisine chef who’s been knocked sideways by her loss. Each carrying their own baggage, Smith and Jade end up on a collision course with their own unresolved pasts and with each other. Told in a series of e-mails, blog posts, online therapy submissions, text messages, legal correspondence, home-rental bookings, and other snippets of our virtual lives, When You Read This is a deft, captivating romantic comedy—funny, tragic, surprising, and bittersweet—that candidly reveals how we find new beginnings after loss.

First things first, I realize that most people don’t want to read a book about a young woman dying from cancer (unless you’re just looking for a good cry). HOWEVER, this book is not one of those sobbing, snotty, ugly-crying reads. It’s a different storytelling technique for sure, told only through emails, texts and blog posts. Older readers *might* not enjoy this writing style quite so much, but it definitely worked for me-I loved the intimacy of it all! Other than a few blog posts written before she passed, you don’t have to deal with the sadness leading up to Iris’ death. Surprisingly, I found WHEN YOU READ THIS to be hopeful and funny and just so damn REAL. The characters and their emotions and actions were exactly what you’d expect from someone who has just lost a loved one.

SO MANY THANK YOUS to Harper Books for sending me an advanced copy of this amazing book. It really was the light-hearted but serious (is that a thing? can it be?) book that I needed in my life. I would definitely recommend it to my friends! Buy WHEN YOU READ THIS here!

Happy Reading!

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